Taiba Beach Resort was completed during 2009. The resort has its own pool area with children’s pool, bar with waterfall and garden furniture for those […]


You rent fully equipped and furnished apartments and houses. Gas cooker, fridge / freezer, air conditioned bedrooms, lovely balconies, to mention some of it. The kitchens have […]

Village of Taíba

Ask a hundred people what they love about Taiba and you get a hundred  different answers. Throughout, we guess that the answers are along the lines […]

Area Ceara

All along the coast can be seen kite surfers’ sails, and jeeps, beach buggies are laden with boards and sails. But be sure to visit […]


Brazil, a country much larger than Europe. So much to do, so much to explore. As in the rest of the world, there are criminals, […]


Now You know a little what awaits You here. Please fill out the form and we will help You with the booking. Namn/Name/Nome E-post/E-mail Telefon/Telephone […]