Area Ceara

All along the coast can be seen kite surfers’ sails, and jeeps, beach buggies are laden with boards and sails. But be sure to visit the small villages that are not located by the sea, there is plenty to see and experience. Freshly picked fruit, cotton trees, plantations and even parks. Take a dip in a lake if it gets too hot.

If you do not have a car then the bus a very good and cheap alternative to get around the surrounding villages, but also to Fortaleza.

Fortaleza, city of millions, which is Brazil’s fifth in size and is called “Little Rio” is located only 65 km from Taiba. It makes a nice day trip. For those looking for nightlife, we recommend a hotel room and then you go back to Taiba the next day. If you are there on a Monday the famous Pirata is almost a must to visit.

Shopping is easy in Fortaleza, it’s basically everything you can think of, and in all price ranges. Large shopping centers and malls with the latest in fashion and electronics to a ssmall hardware store with rusty nails.

Restaurants are available in plenty and even if seafood dominates we recommend at least one visit to a meat restaurant if you like tender steaks.