Village of Taíba

Ask a hundred people what they love about Taiba and you get a hundred 
different answers. Throughout, we guess that the answers are along the lines of: “It is… ” 
full speed 
always something going on 
wonderful food 
and above all: “… always nice people around who like to sit down with 
you a while if you want and chat a while.” We can only agree with the adage: “If you get a friend in Brazil you will get a friend for life. “What can you do in a small fishing village, you might wonder? Well, there is always the ocean for a swim, and because we are close to the equator it provides excellent opportunities for children and even adults to swim in the natural pits which will be available when the sea retreats for a while. Imagine bathing in warm salt water aquarium, with little fishes in their beautiful lively colors swimming around you. Would you like to swim in the sea, however, the village has many long sandy beaches, and when you tired of that we recommend to try a body board or a surfboard. Or why not try what people worldwide go to Taiba for: Kitesurfing. You will find courses and a bit north of the village there is a lagoon where many train before they try kitesurfing in the ocean. When you’re tired of the sea you can visit the small shops, get something to eat in one of the restaurants or just sit and take something to drink – that possibility is almost on every corner, especially around the fish market. A fishing trip is to recommend otherwise, it is quite a experience to go out an early morning with a couple of fishermen. On evenings we recommend to the main square, where there are often things happening. Ask those who live in the village, they have many tips.